Central Bureau of Investigation, Inc.

Central Bureau of Investigation has been in business for over 24 years. We are a local, experienced Private Detective Agency, licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We are results-oriented, and our entire team, from investigators to office staff, takes pride in our work.

We employ a unique, proven, method of approach to meet your investigative needs:

  • Together we will establish objectives and a timeline.
  • CBI will then develop a strategy to achieve each objective in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.
  • Our team will work in close partnership with you, starting with an intake of the claim, paying careful attention to the details of the case.
  • Prior to conducting surveillance, we perform a thorough pre-surveillance, which includes social media and additional Internet searches.
  • Each investigator uses high-definition cameras, and is equipped with a covert camera, so that if a subject enters a public establishment, we can go in and document their activities. It is important to note, we have a high success rate in regards to obtaining valuable subject activity on video.
  • We have a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Investigator on staff, who will take your statements if needed.

Our extensive experience in Insurance Claims, combined with our team approach, ensures integrity, and saves time and money. We know what to look for, and how to document evidence, so it stands up in court. We are also expert in how to testify persuasively.

About us

CBI History and Background

CBI was founded in 1990. Headquartered in Massachusetts, our organization services the Northeast. We are licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

CBI is a superior investigation company that conducts criminal, civil, and domestic/personal investigations. We also specialize in insurance investigations including disability, workers’ compensation, and liability to determine compensability over most of New England.

Our Director of Investigations is trained in litigation and is responsible for Quality Control oversight on all cases.

For over 20 years, we have successfully worked cases with many being denied due to our investigations. Numerous cases have lead to convictions of fraud including high-profile cases with state and city municipalities.

We price our services competitively and only bill for on-site surveillance time. This means whatever time you assign us is used on-site for surveillance and is not allocated for travel time.

CBI is a SOMWBA certified business since 2006. Being women owned and operated complies with state and federal regulations in subcontracting for the AMP Executive Order 390.


“CBI has been a valued partner for investigations in my work

With the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources

And with Massport Authority for over twelve years.

CBI brought two cases to fraud and conviction

When I was at Human Resources.”

Frank Rivera

Massport Authority

Our Surveillance Capabilities Can Handle Even the Most Difficult Cases

Our surveillance is enhanced by powerful technology. We have invested in the most advanced High-Definition digital camcorders with time and date stamp and strong zoom capability, body-worn equipment including pinhole hidden cameras, and night vision. As an innovator in the industry, CBI has designed and custom built covert static cameras that can be deployed in any environment for up to two weeks.

Video Output ~ We place a strong emphasis on video footage. Our video ratio is amongst the highest in the industry. This high ratio plays a critical role in producing evidence that is valuable to you. We can provide you with video in any format necessary including .wmv, which is required by the Department of Industrial Accidents in order to be submitted as evidence.

Detailed Report ~ All of our surveillance is accompanied by a chronological report that details the claimant’s physical abilities, environment, behavior, hobbies, activities, interactions, and appearance. The alleged injury is the focal point of both the report and video footage.

We Keep You Updated Throughout the Investigation

We have built our reputation on a policy of strong communication. Investigators work closely with CBI’s Director of Investigations, who oversees every case. Our dedicated staff is available to answer any of your questions and will send updates the day after surveillance was conducted. We guarantee prompt and courteous service.

Our Director of Investigations is trained in both litigation and investigations. He is responsible for preparing and reviewing all client reports. As your point of liaison, he will keep you updated on your investigation and make recommendations as needed.

For discretionary purposes and added value, our Account Representative is available to hand deliver and review your report with you upon completion of an investigation.

Seasoned Investigators Who Are Discreet and Results Driven

Many of our investigators have been with CBI for many years. We have a very low turnover rate. We operate by a strict ethical code and only recruit individuals who are professional. All CBI investigators receive ongoing training in order to exceed industry standards.

Each investigator operates out of his or her local area, which inherently results in the investigator having intimate knowledge of shortcuts, restaurants, supermarkets, golf courses, gyms, etc.

They come from a variety of backgrounds and are representative of the population at large. Our investigators are able to blend into a variety of environments and avoid detection.

Our investigators treat claimants, witnesses, and all other third parties with courtesy. Should your claim go to court, you can be sure he or she will be well prepared, neat, and exhibit proper courtroom decorum.

What Makes our Investigators Outstanding?

Our investigators are detail oriented. They are able to think outside the box and can make important decisions as situations unfold. All of this is critical for staying one step ahead of savvy claimants who may be trying to take advantage of the system.

Our investigators take pride in the success of their work. They use all of their resources to obtain these results.

Our quality investigators have built their reputation by successfully handling the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Service Area

We are located in Foxboro Massachusetts approximately 45 minutes outside of Boston, however, we have investigators located throughout our service area that includes all of Massachusetts (including Cape Cod and the Islands), Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Surrounding towns of Foxboro within a 30 minute drive time include Mansfield, Sharon, Walpole, Norfolk, Norton, Attleborough,  North Attleborough, Plainville, Medway, Franklin, Canton, Stoughton, Easton, Woonsocket, Cumberland, Blackstone, Wrentham, Medfield, Norwood, Westwood, Dedham, Raynham, Taunton, Pawtucket, Lincoln, Smithfield, Brockton, Stoughton, Braintree, Avon, Bridgewater.

Business Services

Employee performance

Do you have an issue with an employee whose performance is subpar or even puts your business at risk? Do you have reason to suspect time theft? Perhaps political or contractual issues put you in a position that you need impartial evidence of the problem before you can act. We can help. Call us today, and we can come up with a solution to address your employee performance issue that will allow you to take the action you need to and arm yourself with the evidence to protect your business.

If you have an employee you suspect is not on the job when s/he should be, or if you have an employee who is not performing their duties up to standard, contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Having an employee that is engaged in illegal activities or is insubordinate could put your business at risk. If you think an employee is engaged in illegal activities, contact us.

Internal theft

Missing cash or stock? Armed and experienced with the use of state of the art equipment and tactics, we can customize a plan that will allow you to quickly determine the source of the problem and address it so you can get back to business!!

If your business is suffering financial losses, potentially due to cash drawer or inventory theft, CBI can install state-of-the-art covert cameras to identify the source of these losses.

Pre-employment Screening

Top businesses looking to hire the best possible candidate for a position with their company turn to CBI and its staff for all of their pre-employment screenings. CBI is well versed in obtaining background information that will help make an informed hiring decision.

Attorney Services

Helping you help your clients

There are countless reasons why an attorney would want to hire a legal private investigator. The most basic reason is that most attorneys and law firms simply do not have the time and resources to conduct a thorough investigation, find and interview potential witnesses, seek and uncover evidence that could be pertinent to proving their client's case, all in addition to preparing their case and getting their client ready to appear in court. The most effective and efficient way to improve your chances of obtaining the positive outcome your client is counting on you to deliver, is to hire a skilled private investigator to work on your behalf.

Our job as your investigators is to obtain the information you need in a timely fashion. We understand that by referring your client to us, you are extending your own credibility to us. We take the responsibility of representing you and your reputation very seriously and always handle your client’s case professionally, ethically, and tenaciously.

As an attorney, you have very specific needs. We are well equipped to handle whatever needs you may have. The following are some common services we have provided to attorneys:


  • Surveillance
  • Driving/RMV Records
  • Recorded/Signed Statements
  • Criminal/Background Investigations
  • Locate Investigations
  • Financial and Asset Investigations
  • Phone Traces
  • Scarring Photos
  • Cohabitation Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Social Media Searches


Nothing does a better job of demonstrating the truth than video. When your case involves an individual engaged in some behavior they deny doing or are prohibited from doing, we get it on video for you. From insurance fraud to violations of non-compete agreements, we can cover it.

Locating Witnesses

There is a large variety of Internet based search tools and paid information services available to attempt to locate a witness. Combining this with our investigative skills and experience, we specialize in locating witnesses.

Interviewing & Statement Taking

At CBI, our investigators who take statements have been professionally trained to work with witnesses to determine what they know and obtain the most relevant information.

Asset Searches

Successfully obtaining a judgment for your client is critical. Knowing what assets are available is paramount to obtaining a judgment. That’s where we come in. We assist attorneys and their clients in determining if their opposition has assets to collect upon, if they are already encumbered, or where they are trying to hide them.

Accident Scene Investigations

A CBI private investigator will photograph, measure and diagram the scene from all angles, document traffic light timing, and conduct a neighborhood canvass to identify any witnesses. These investigations can be conducted at the same time of day, with the same weather conditions, to assure accuracy. Photos of the scene during similar conditions will provide you with the best insight.

Background Checks

Having all the facts can make or break your pleadings, deposition, and even your case. Our private investigators will dig deep to find out a person’s true background. When you need the truth, CBI can find it.

CBI has access to proprietary databases, which allow us to conduct nationwide background searches. These database searches include but are not limited to:

  • Real Property
  • Social Media
  • Liens and Judgments
  • Corporate Filings
  • Relatives

We encourage you to contact us to discuss how we may be of service to you.

Insurance Services

Insurance Fraud Detection

Are you dealing with a claim that looks questionable? Are you under pressure to determine its authenticity and lower your exposure? If yes, this may be an opportune time to investigate the claimant and gather evidence that will determine the validity of the claim.

When it comes to fighting costly insurance claims, investigation and surveillance are two highly effective weapons to have in your arsenal.

In order for an investigation to yield useful results, you need to work with investigators who are the best in the field. Individuals recognized for their patience, innovative thinking, and strong observation skills.

CBI’s team of fully insured, licensed, and bonded investigators has been protecting the assets and mitigating risk of insured groups for over two decades. Our ability to obtain information that is difficult to locate and use it in combination with high-tech surveillance has saved our clients millions of dollars in claims. Our methods are discreet and meet the highest ethical and legal standards.


  • Surveillance
  • Driving/RMV Records
  • Recorded/Signed Statements
  • Criminal Background Investigations
  • Locate Investigations
  • Financial and Asset Investigations
  • Phone Traces
  • Locus Investigations
  • Alive & Well Checks
  • Scarring Photos
  • Widow Checks
  • Social Media Searches

Our expert investigations have reduced financial liability for

Industry Insurance Type
Insurers Auto
Self-Insured Groups General Liability
Major Adjusting Groups Workers' Compensation
Law Firms Homeowners
Third-Party Administrators Disability, Short-term, Long-term

We Work Hard to Dig Up Critical Information for You

We use every resource at our disposal to aid in the investigation of your claim. Our advanced intelligence-gathering capabilities result in a higher success rate in the field.

Services include a Special Investigations Unit (SIU) that is specially trained to detect early signs of fraud and to obtain statements to uncover the facts. We work closely with insurers, attorneys, and local fraud bureaus to expose fraudulent claims.

Personal and Matrimonial Services

CBI specializes in marital infidelity and domestic private investigations. We will discreetly investigate suspected spousal infidelity and effectively document the findings. Our spousal infidelity investigations give you peace of mind during what can be a stressful time in your life.

Do you believe your partner may be cheating or being unfaithful in your relationship? CBI understands that even the thought can be painful, hiring a private investigator helps you seek the answers you need for peace of mind or closure. It is also common to find facts that reassure our clients that their significant others are remaining faithful. However, your intuition can be a powerful tool and should not be ignored.

We utilize state-of-the-art covert investigative equipment and experienced investigators to discreetly gather accurate facts and information pertaining to your unique situation. CBI’s videotaped evidence allows you to make decisions based on first-hand evidence rather than speculation.

We handle each investigation with the professionalism and sensitivity it deserves. CBI guarantees nondisclosure of any/all findings unless specifically authorized by the client, court order or law enforcement. We agree not to divulge any information obtained during the investigation to any party or agency governmental or otherwise without the express written authorization of the client, the client’s attorney, or a court order.

CBI will help you get the information you need for court. We will uncover as much information during our domestic investigations as possible.

(Add “range of tools/techniques depending on the situation” somewhere)

Tell-tale Signs of A Cheating Spouse

The following is a guide to help you determine if your partner is cheating on you. Do not confront the cheater or use this guide as fact. Consult a professional. It will only make it more difficult for you to catch them when you may not have enough proof yet to make your case.

  1. At the beginning of an affair the cheating partner may be more attentive to his spouse due to guilt.
  2. The cheater later finds fault with the person he/she may be living with to try to justify the affair.
  3. Intuition that something is not right usually is a sign you may have a cheating problem.
  4. Cheaters may have a change in sex life (i.e., more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests.
  5. The cheater has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home, especially the partner.
  6. Grooming habits will change. Cheaters will be more attentive to their appearance. For example, they may buy new clothes, join a gym, or cut their hair more often.
  7. You may want to monitor your spouse for two weeks. During this time keep track of the mileage on their car. Monitor the time they leave for work and the time they come home. If your mate claims to be working late, check paycheck stubs to verify this overtime.
  8. Be tuned in to home telephone calls when your mate has a tendency to whisper or gives a quick answer and immediately hangs up or when you answer the telephone and get an abrupt hang up.
  9. Your partner may have recently added password protection on their phone and/or computer.
  10. Your partner may spend more time outside of the home and make excuses as to why they need to do so. For example, they may say they are working late or going out with friends.


  • Surveillance
  • Criminal/Background Searches
  • Locate Investigations
  • Financial and Asset Investigations
  • Phone Traces
  • Cohabitation Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Alimony/Child Support

Cohabitation Services

Over 4 million households in the United States account for unmarried couples. In the State of Massachusetts, the Alimony Limitation Law proceeds as follows:

The Massachusetts Alimony Limitation Law: Passed on March 12, 2012

The Alimony Reform Act (Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2011) reads in part...

Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2011

  1. Cohabitation Suspends, Reduces, or Terminates Alimony
    "General Term Alimony shall be suspended, reduced or terminated upon the cohabitation of the recipient spouse when the payer shows that the recipient has maintained a common household with another person for a continuous period of at least three months."

When determining if the recipient is maintaining a common household, the court may consider any of the following factors:

  1. Oral or written statements or representations made to third parties regarding the relationship of the persons;
  2. The economic interdependence of the couple or economic dependence of one person on the other;
  3. The persons engaging in conduct and collaborative roles in furtherance of their life together.
  4. The benefit in the life of either or both of the persons from their relationship;
  5. The community reputation of the persons as a couple, or other relevant and material factors.

The state of Massachusetts is a "no-fault" state. Therefore the cause of divorce does not matter; assets and property are split equally. Apart from this, child custody, child support, and alimony depend on the parents' activities.

For example, in the state of Massachusetts, if a divorce occurs, and then the wife begins cohabitating with another man, both the wife and the person with which she is cohabitating is held responsible. Proof of cohabitation is a necessity in court to assist in child custody, compensation claims for child support, and alimony matters. All the facts that CBI’s Cohabitation Surveillance Investigators recover will be admissible in court in a well fashioned, clear manner.

If your ex-spouse is residing or cohabitating with an adult, you may have justification to decrease the amount you are paying in support. Our clients want to know whether they're supporting their former partner alone or their former partner and someone living with their former partner. If your former partner is co-habitating, questions start to arise about how much money you should be paying a former spouse in alimony. Evidence can be obtained to prove this permanent residential arrangement, and you could benefit from the results of CBI’s Cohabitation Surveillance results.

In preparing to bring an alimony reduction matter before the court, you must prove cohabitation of the ex-spouse first.

CBI is especially well suited and has already begun performing these types of investigations due to the nature of our business. We are able to perform periodic “spot check” investigations at different times of the day over a period of 3 to 4 months in order to establish a pattern and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the recipient is maintaining a common household and “Co-Habitating”. All “spot checks” are video taped and preserved as evidence. Our investigators are skilled at stationary and mobile surveillance operations and perform surveillance on a daily basis. We have access to credit bureaus and national databases as well that can aide us in our investigation. Should you feel that we may be able to assist you in matters of Co-Habitation, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions

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